Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9
Crown Point Lot 9

Crown Point Lot 9 Crown Point, Bequia, The Grenadines

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Property Details

Property Details

  • 0 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 0.51 Acres
  • 22116 Sq Ft
  • SOLD
  • Ridge location between two beaches
  • Yards from two beaches
  • Panoramic ocean views
  • Exclusive international area
  • Panoramic ocean views }

Crown Point Lot 9 Spring Bay / Crescent Bay / Industry Bequia, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

22,116 sq ft / 0.51 Acre

Prime Location with Superb Panoramic Bay Views

Lot 9 boasts a stunning prime coastal location perched between Spring Bay and Crescent Bay commanding spectacular views of both bays and the offshore islands of Balliceaux and Battowia.

Just a short stroll away from Spring & Crescent bays and sandy beaches These are quite and often deserted beaches and within easy reach of the land plot.

Thriving Community

Super new properties are blossoming in this area - the gorgeous crown point house a superb property to the south and the new 'Look Yonder' Villas for sale on the point below are all securing Crown Point as a exceptional location in great company. One of the new beachfront villas 'Jamdown' is located close to the plot. Jamdown is proving to be a successful rental property popular with guests.

Easy Access & Beautifully Situated

This plot of land is easily accessed from the main coast road. Simply turn up the government subdivision road which is a paved road. The beauty of Bequia is that you are never too far away from all beaches, shops, restaurants, bars & amenities - the harbour town of Port Elizabeth is just 10 minutes drive away.

  • Fishing and snorkeling just a short stroll away
  • Superb Beach Restaurant a stroll along Crescent Beach
  • Short stroll away from Sugar Reef Beach Bar
  • Main Harbour facilities just a 10 min drive away

Reef protected waters offer option for mooring a boat

The waters in front of the lot are shallow but perfect for placing a private mooring for a shallow draft vessel . Mustique is the nearest island and easily reached in 30 - 50 mins by speedboat.


Villa Location

Crown Point

Crown Point is the hub of Bequias east coast, located on a central promontory, and an exclusive international residential area protected by a palm fringed coral reef

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Purchasing land in a foreign country can seem like a daunting task. We are here from start to finish of the process, and pride ourselves with a strong relationship with previous buyers, assisting in settling new owners into the island and their property. We are happy to assist with any part, from the handover, relocating, shipping, staffing, and continuing through our rental program.

We extend our full concierge services, and regularly handle all arrangements for potential purchasers visiting the islands for viewings - private or scheduled flights, transfers, accommodation, island briefings, tours and property viewings.

We arrange and lead viewings ensuring they are comfortable, relaxed and well timed. We provided detailed printed material and can photograph aspects of the property which are of particular interest to you, ensuring that all follow up material is focused for you.

From helping you find the right property, assisting in assessment & evaluation, advice on legal processes to various areas surrounding architecture, design, project management, property maintenance, management, and rental.

The entire process can be handled remotely - ie while you are in the UK.

Purchase procedure:

1. Make your offer for your chosen property through us. We present your offer, and work to bring the sale to an agreement with the owner.

2. Appoint a local Lawyer to handle your purchase (list of recommended lawyers can be provided upon request) exchange contact details and discuss the purchase arrangements, as you wish.

3. Sign Agreement of Sale & deposit 10% of purchase price in ESCROW account with the lawyer.

The Agreement of Sale Contract is prepared by the lawyer for approval by both parties, before being finalised and signed by both parties. This is a binding agreement, the only circumstances where you would retrieve the deposit would be if:
- the seller fails to perform (for example if there was not clear title)
- or if your ALHL is not issued (this is extremely rare).

4. Alien Land Holders Licence (ALHL) Application (specific to the property & applied for at the time of agreement of purchase ).

Provide the following details to your local lawyer :
- Date and place of birth
- Copy of passport
- Nationality
- Bank reference (not finances just a letter of reliability)
- Police certificate of clear record (applied for from your local police station or online, in your home country


The police certificate is usually fairly swift and at least straightforward

The lawyer makes the ALHL application and searches to check clear title on the property

5. ALHL is issued (this usually takes 2 to 3 months).

6. Complete the purchase (you deposit the balance of purchase price and the signed deeds of conveyance are released). At this point the property is yours.

Purchase Costs

Purchase costs are straightforward;
- 5% Stamp Duty
- approximately 6% ALHL
- legal fees
Legal fees are standard and the lawyer you instruct can provide a detailed breakdown of the costs.
We advise allowing 13% to cover the costs.


The lawyer can advise on personal or company ownership;
Company ownership provides automatic exemption from work permit. Residency is a simple formality with property ownership.

Many buyers choose to own their property through a company which can be set up easily, the lawyer can advise on the costs and fees for this.

There is no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax and annual property taxes are negligible. Funds can be repatriated freely.

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