PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille
PRIVATE ISLAND  Isle de Caille

PRIVATE ISLAND Isle de Caille Grenada, Grenada Island, The Grenadines

$20,000,000 USD
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Property Details

Property Details

  • 157 Acres
  • Mustique Style Residences
  • 10-15 mins from Grenada
  • Water & Electricity in place
  • 4 miles off Grenada coast
  • 15 miles from international airport
  • Online Viewing By Request

Isle de Caille St.Patrick, Grenada A Perfect Caribbean Island

This approximately 157 acre island is located 3 miles (5 km) off the northern tip of Grenada and is covered in lush green vegetation including coconut palms and fruit trees.

The island consists of two volcanic knolls separated by a flat valley or plain. The terrain is nicely elevated, and the shoreline is indented with small bays.

Sandy beaches and bays are located along the coast, and Isle de Caille boasts a Beachfront of more than half a mile with a panoramic view of the Grenadine Islands to the north.

Existing Development

There are 4 uninhabited houses on Ile de Caille, as well as a road network on the island, providing easy access. Electricity is available, and water is stored in a 40,000 gallon (151 000 litre) tank.

15 miles from International Airport

Located just 15 miles from Maurice Bishop International Airport, St. George's Grenada, Isle de Caille is perfectly located, offering castaway privacy with relative close proximity to Grenada and the rest of the world. The closest town is St.Patrick, Sauteurs on Grenada.


Villa Location


From historical sites to waterfalls and spice estates, Grenada is another ideal holiday destination. Grenada, known as “the Spice Isle”, is a major tourist attraction due in large part to the lush beautiful landscape. It’s an island where scents of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove waft idyllic through the air over the lush, unspoiled tropical gardens. Nature lovers, hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers and waterfall buffs will find a plethora of Grenada vacation activities throughout the many spectacular beaches, pristine waters and lush mountainous interiors.

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Grenada & Carriacou - Property Buying Information

Grenada is predicted from current indicators to be one of the fastest growing Tourist destinations in the Caribbean over the next few years.

Supporting You through the Process

The sale process can easily be handled remotely from the UK, US or Canada. Most of our previous purchasers have visited the island and then proceeded with the sale remotely, visiting once more after the property has exchanged. Our team are on hand to assist with the purchase process as you go forward.

Alien Land Holders Licence

All foreign nationals wishing to purchase property in Grenada must apply for an Aliens Land Holding Licence, which is generally a simple process handled by the buyers attorney, once the licence has been issued 10% of the purchase price must then be paid to the government. Before the licence is issued the buyer must provide bankers reference letters, character & police references.

Time Scale

It normally takes 2-3 months for legal process and the sale to close. All can progress smoothly without the need for the buyer to be on the island.

Legal Matters

The purchaser appoints a Grenadian attorney to search the register and establish title to the property prior to the completion of sale to ensure that there are no encumbrances, charges, encroachments or other impediments to the sale. We can provide you with a set of recommended Grenadian attorneys upon request.

Guide to Buyers Closing Costs Legal Fees

Approximately 2% of the purchase price

Stamp Duty

Approximately 1% of the purchase price

Alien Landholders

10% of purchase price

Sellers Legal Fees

Approximately 1% of the purchase price

Property Transfer Tax

5% of the purchase price for nationals and 15% for non nationals

Real Estate Commission

This is normally 5% of the Purchase Price

Property Title

The majority of property in Grenada is owned fee simple, however property in Grenada may also be held on long lease from private individuals, which are normally 99 years or the unexpired term in the case of an assignment of a lease. A purchaser of such a leasehold interest will enjoy all the benefits of an absolute title for the duration of the lease. Lease can be renewed for usually a fairly small fee and the legal process is straightforward - the renewal can be done once the property is purchased.

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