Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island
Private Island Saline Island

Private Island Saline Island Grenada, Grenada Island, Grenada

$26,000,000 USD
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Property Details

Property Details

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 64 Acres
  • Sheltered bay
  • Shallow lagoon
  • Clear Ownership/ title
  • Dev. Plans for eco resort available
  • 200ft elevation at its peak
  • Online Viewing By Request

Saline Island Grenada & Carriacou St.Vincent & the Grenadine Islands 19.5M USD Freehold 64 Acres Partially Developed Island 2 Bedroom Beach House White Sandy Beaches

The main beach exists in a sheltered bay of stunning white sand and calm clear waters. This interesting island also features rocky outcrops, mangrove, a shallow lagoon and sheltered bay.

Perfect for Snorkeling

The southern point is ideal for snorkeling where a colorful coral garden is thriving.

Close to Grenada & Carriacou

The island is accessible via boat from Carriacou and also by helicopter, as there is a large plateau of level land making up half of the islands mass.

Ancient Lime Kiln remains

Climb to the top of the remains of the ancient lime kiln and enjoy the spectacular island views from the south coast of the island. The lime kiln offers a distinctive profile to this island.

Close to White Island Marine Park.

Saline Island is on Grenada's South coast. It is near White Island Marine Park, which is located a half mile to the west of this beach and it is among the popular spots in the area.

Crystal Clear Water & Rocky Outcrops

The water is crystal clear, the beaches are white sand and the island rises and falls with rocky outcrops at one end and a plateau at the other.

abundance of Wildlife

Sea Turtles, renown for their shy characters,  have chosen Saline Island as a nesting location. There are wild goats and a great variety of birds and fish that live upon this diverse island.

Sheltered Bay

There is a charming sheltered bay ideal for yacht moorage on Saline. It is possible for monohulls to anchor in the deeper water, but two anchors are needed, because the strong current shifts.  The bay is about 6 feet deep and there is room for two or three boats. There are no mooring restrictions, but upon underwater inspection, anchoring in the northern side of the bay is recommended, since other parts of the small bay house live coral trying to grow back and survive.


Villa Location


From historical sites to waterfalls and spice estates, Grenada is another ideal holiday destination. Grenada, known as “the Spice Isle”, is a major tourist attraction due in large part to the lush beautiful landscape. It’s an island where scents of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove waft idyllic through the air over the lush, unspoiled tropical gardens. Nature lovers, hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers and waterfall buffs will find a plethora of Grenada vacation activities throughout the many spectacular beaches, pristine waters and lush mountainous interiors.

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Grenada & Carriacou
Property Buying Information

Grenada is predicted from current indicators to be one of the fastest growing Tourist destinations in the Caribbean over the next few years.

Supporting You through the Process

The sale process can easily be handled remotely from the UK, US or Canada. Most of our previous purchasers have visited the island and then proceeded with the sale remotely, visiting once more after the property has exchanged. Our team are on hand to assist with the purchase process as you go forward.

Alien Land Holders Licence
All foreign nationals wishing to purchase property in Grenada must apply for an Aliens Land Holding Licence, which is generally a simple process handled by the buyers attorney, once the licence has been issued 10% of the purchase price must then be paid to the government. Before the licence is issued the buyer must provide bankers reference letters, character & police references.

Time Scale
It normally takes 2-3 months for legal process and the sale to close.

Legal Matters
The purchaser appoints a Grenadian attorney to search the register and establish title to the property prior to the completion of sale to ensure that there are no encumbrances, charges, encroachments or other impediments to the sale. We can provide you with a set of recommended Grenadian attorneys upon request.

Guide to Buyers Closing Costs
Legal Fees

Approximately 2% of the purchase price

Stamp Duty
Approximately 1% of the purchase price

Alien Landholders
10% of Purchase Price.

Sellers Legal Fees
Approximately 1% of the purchase price

Property Transfer Tax
5% of the purchase price for nationals and 15% for non nationals

Property Title
The majority of property in Grenada is owned fee simple, however property in Grenada may also be held on long lease from private individuals, which are normally 99 years or the unexpired term in the case of an assignment of a lease. A purchaser of such a leasehold interest will enjoy all the benefits of an absolute title for the duration of the lease. Lease can be renewed for usually a fairly small fee and the legal process is straightforward - the renewal can be done once the property is purchased.


A PDF for this property can be found here.

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