Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B
Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B

Marigot Bay Marina Apartment 6B Marigot Bay, St Lucia, St Lucia

$275,000 USD
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Property Details

Property Details

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 0 Acres
  • 1221 Sq Ft
  • Pool
  • Marina Village
  • Marina Village
  • Fully Furnished
  • All amenities
  • Garden
  • Online Viewing By Request
  • Parking

1221 sq ft - A Beautiful Location - one of the best Second floor Apartments in the Marina Village.

Double doors open from the living room onto a balcony overlooking the courtyard and to the right Marigot Bay.

The apartments have fitted kitchens and bathrooms.

The bedrooms and living rooms have air conditioning and have large overhead fans.

Open plan kitchen and living room.

The Marina Village Apartments were completed in early 2007, and are one and two storey wooden clad buildings. They are situated alongside the Marina and the Discovery Hotel. They have access to the restaurants and bars of the hotel, and the beach facilities of the beach club on the other side of the Bay. The apartments form a U-shape, and overlook the dock, around a central garden courtyard.

A free boat service

Linked the two sides of the bay and provided access to the small beach, and other restaurants.

Located on the second floor, accessed by stairs via a secure entrance/lobby area.

The apartment is within the stunning Marina Village development which includes:

  • a supermarket

  • bakery and various other shops and cabanas set around a central u-shape courtyard.

Within 100 yards you are at the waterfront and overlooking Marigot Bay with its luxury marina and various restaurants. The famous Sand Spit beach located at the entrance to the bay and accessed via a very short water taxi ride offers typical beach facilities with the opportunity to try your hand at numerous water sports.

Owners Benefit from the Luxury Hotel Facilities of DISCOVERY:


Guests can make use of the excellent pool facilities at the neighbouring hotel (150 yard walk to pool via the gardens).

The hotel has a restaurant, bar, two swimming pools and luxury health spa (subject to extra charges). There is so much to do in Marigot Bay and the immediate area if you are feeling active but for those seeking a relaxing break then just sit on the balcony and watch life go by .


The nearest airport is G. FL. Charles Airport, in Castries approx. 24 miles away.

Marigot Bay is located within the district of Castries

  • 20 minute drive takes you to the capital Castries

    Where you will find shops, restaurants, a market and other facilities including a selection of shops by the dock with tax concessions. 

  • Marigot Bay is approx. 45 minutes

    From north Cap Estate and Rodney Bay with it lovely beaches and about 60 minutes from Soufrière and Vieux Fort.

Unlike many of the holiday apartments in St. Lucia, you do not need a car here and definitely not a jeep. Everything you need is within walking distance or a small ferry across the bay. You can of course easily hire a car from the Marina Village or use one of the many taxis parked nearby to visit Castries, the local towns, other beaches or tourist attractions.

Tropical Island of St Lucia

St Lucia is the next island up from St Vincent, and boasts the perfect balance - it still has untouched, beautiful natural areas and exceptional beaches, and yet is more developed than some of her neighbouring islands - St Lucia has two airports, making travel easy, and there are many resorts and spas due to the thriving tourist industry that it has developed.


Offered on a 97 year lease to 2105 and are available for occupation for 52 weeks of the year, not part of the Discovery buy-to-let program.

Developments planned for the Marina in phase 2 of the Capella improvements are:

  • The Bayside Cafe & Bar is now open for lunch and dinner
  • On the first floor above the Bayside Cafe,  Spice of India (St.Lucia's No 1 restaurant) will be opening in February
  • The Marina Village will undergo repainting in early 2015
  • Diamonds International are opening a store by Christmas

Other retail outlets will include:

  • Saltwater Services specialising in water borne activities and a chandlery
  • Supermarket
  • Clear Blue Art & handmade Pottery
  • Caribe Boutique Souvenirs & some apparel
  • The Marina Village are currently in negotiations to open both mens & ladies high end fashion stores

Marigot Bay:

There is a Police Station opposite the Marina Village. This is a fantastic place to consider buying a property, and there is also plenty to do, with events and festivals throughout the year.

Great Layout, Stunning Views

The bedrooms and living room have air conditioning and large overhead fans. The apartment is to include all furnishings, and has fitted kitchen and bathroom.

Security at the apartment is great

With the intercom system and 2 locked doors before the apartment this puts guests completely at rest and despite being a very safe area indeed already you are assured that you can completely relax and enjoy being here.

Parking is easy in the apartments carpark . There is also parking available on the street.

Boat Mooring is possible and a Mooring can be put in for your yacht or an annual mooring fee paid by negotiation.

  • Phone / Internet Wireless Internet
  • Pool / Spa
  • Heated Pool 
  • Sauna 

Property Features:

  • Water Views
  • Ocean Views 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Oven
  • dishwasher
  • Grill
  • Washing Machine


  • Stereo System
  • Satellite TV
  • DVD Player

Telegraph noted Saint Lucia as one of the Top 10 property safe havens abroad:

"As an economic hurricane rages through traditional destinations in Europe and the US, buyers must look abroad to these top 10 property safe havens. "... Number 8 Saint Lucia 

" There are rugged mountains, rainforests and coral reefs. Barbados, but with lower prices. Many buy by setting up a company (an estate agent will help you), which eases tax payments."

Monthly Maintenance Charge

Maintenance Charge of EC$2,133.00 per month.


Villa Location

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is located on the western coast of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, 3.75 miles southwest from the Castries close to the Saint Lucian National Marine Reserve. The bay is a historic landmark, having been the site of a number of battles between the French and British navies. Surrounded on three sides by steep, forested hills. The inland portion of the bay forms a hurricane hole, used to shelter boats from hurricanes. The popular film location destination and described by the American novelist, James A. Michener as the "The most beautiful bay in the Caribbean."

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

The apartments are offered on a 97 year leases expiring on 30th June 2105.

Maintenance Charges
  • Monthly Maintenance Charge is EC$1,955.00 per month. to include the lighting and cleaning of the common areas, Building Insurance (All Perils) and Security.
  • In addition there will be a charge every 5 years of US$2,500 to cover redecoration works.
Owners will be responsible for their own contents insurance.

Purchasing general info on Buying at Discovery :
There is a non-refundable deposit of US$5,000, which can be paid on either a Visa or MasterCard. 50% of the purchase price, less the Reservation Fee, must be paid within 30 days. The balance of 50% is payable on completion, normally within 60 days.
  1. Stamp Duty is 2% of the agreed purchase price.
  2. All non citizens require an Aliens Landholding Licence at a cost of US$1,800 plus disbursement.
  3. Lawyers Fees are likely to be approximately US$10,000, plus disbursement.

OVERVIEW OF Buying a property in St.Lucia
A tax haven with no VAT, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax and no estate tax makes a great deal of sense. St.Lucia is one of the worlds top destinations for weddings and honeymoons making a holiday rental property potentially lucrative. St.Lucia has really embraced the worldwide taste for health spas with the first St.Lucia Health & Wellness Retreat, supported by the government and private businesses, being established and opening soon on the island. Being one of the most accessible islands in the region with the lowest crime rate St.Lucias affordable properties offer an ideal opportunity for investment. Comparable in many ways to neighbouring Barbados but with house prices ranging from 40-60% lower this beautiful island should not be overlooked as an investment opportunity.

 With a total land area of just 620 sq miles St.Lucia, often called "The Helen of the West Indies" because of its natural beauty, sits in the ocean like a shimmering jewel. Pristine white sandy beaches, tropical forest populated by rainbow-plumed birds and acres of orchards filled with sweet smelling tropical fruits such as mango, papaya and banana are crowned by the islands twin peaks the Gros & Petit Pitons.

How to buy St Lucia property
There are certain rules and regulations you must comply with as a non domicile of St Lucia in order to purchase a St Lucia property. For instance, you will need to apply for an Alien Landholding Licence. Generally the cost of purchasing a property on St Lucia will come out at between 6-8% on top of the purchase price. This will cover stamp duty, the Alien Landholding Licence, Treasury receipt, legal costs and registration fees. If you are taking out a mortgage, lenders tend to charge a set-up fee.

Alien Landholding Licence
Foreigners must apply to the Ministry of Planning for an Alien Landholding Licence which costs EC$1,500, is non-refundable and does not need renewing. The process takes up to 16 weeks as the application is vetted by the Physical Planning Office of the Ministry of Physical Development, Environment & Housing, approved by the Prime Ministers Office and finally by the Office of the Attorney General.

We can assist you to appointed lawyer will make the application for the Alien Landholding Licence on your behalf. Along with your completed application you will need to provide the lawyer with the following information:

  • Certificate of character for each applicant (from your local police station)
  • A bank reference
  • Your CV
  • A copy of your passport data page
  • Full set of fingerprints (from your local police station)
  • Statutory declaration
  • 4 passport size pictures of each applicant
  • Full details of the proposed property or land purchase (including a survey plan and land register of the property (from the Vendor) and a value assessment of the land or property (although the value assessment may not be necessary
  • Receipt proving payment of application fee
  • Initial approval from the Development Control Authority (this may not be necessary).
In addition to the application fee for the Alien Landholding Licence, the following fees are applicable depending on the land area of your property.

Land Area (in acres)    Price (in EC$)
Under 1    $5000
1-10    $10,000
10-20    $20,000
20-50    $30,000
50-100    $40,000
100+    $50,000

There is no standard procedure on this, but common practice is to offer 10% of the purchase price as a deposit, which is forfeited if the buyer pulls out. If the vendor pulls out then the buyers 10% is returned as well as 10% from the vendor plus an additional penalty of 10%. In the unlikely event that the Alien's Landholding Licence is not granted, then the deposit is refunded.

Annual Property Tax
5% of the unfurnished rental value of your property, regardless or intent of use.

Stamp Duty
2% of purchase price

Vendors Tax
10% for non citizens or 5% if the property is owned by a local citizen of St Lucia.
There is no vendors tax if the property is owned by a company as you would transfer the shares in the company as a way of transferring the property (rather than by deed of sale). It is therefore best that all foreign clients sent up a local company and to apply for the license in the company's name. When you come to sell, you will be selling the company rather than the property itself.

There is no capital gains tax, inheritance tax or gift tax in St Lucia.

Local solicitors / lawyers usually charge 3% to 5% of the purchase price.

There are certain very attractive tax incentives available to a selection of 'returning residents' of St Lucia including the right to ship a container of 'personal goods' without paying duty on them and importing or purchasing a vehicle duty free.

To qualify for 'returning resident' status you must be a citizen of St Lucia, either by birth or parentage who is returning to St Lucia after a minimum of 10 years off the island or be married to the aforementioned citizen.

There are strict guidelines as to what constitutes 'personal goods' and various limitations that should be read thoroughly. For up-to-date information please contact your local Consulate General of St Lucia, or contact one of our agents.

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