Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity
Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity

Island Boutique Hotel Opportunity Sparrow Bay, Carriacou, The Grenadines

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Property Details

Property Details

  • 7 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • 4.61 Acres
  • 201000 Sq Ft
  • Private Pool
  • POA
  • Waterfront
  • Location ideal for Boutique Resort
  • Residence and villa included
  • Private access to Cove & near Town
  • Garden
  • Online Viewing By Request
  • Parking

Prospect Estate - Waterfront Reserve Estate Carriacou, Grenada 4.61 Acres / 20,1000 Sq Ft 4 Properties Boathouse & Mooring Waterfront Access

A beautifully located estate endowed with a perfect perspective to the horizon with private access to a secluded cove. Prospect Estate is nestled below the majestic backdrop of High North with spectacular views and magical sunsets, facing west across the leeward shore.

Attractive tree-lined Driveway to the shore and mains electricity in place.

Sparrow Bay & Close to Sandy Anse La Roche Beach

The secluded cove of Sparrow Bay is hidden away below – unspoiled pristine coral-reef (lobster) with a natural offshore lagoon that offers excellent swimming, exquisite for snorkelling, and teeming with tropical fish.

Sparrow Bay also provides a safe mooring location for most of the year.

Just 5 minutes from the shoreline around the bay is Anse La Roche, a fine sandy crescent beach, considered one of the best on the island. Nearby Sparrow Bay is just 2 minutes walk down from the villa, ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

Ideal for Boutique Resort

The 4 buildings located towards the Eastern tip of the estate include:

  • Caribbee Inn structures requiring complete refurbishment
  • Adjoining Annexe to the Inn
  • Sparrow Hawk Villa
  • Orchid Cottage

The buildings are varied in size with large, louvred windows and ocean views framed by mature palms and lush tropical foliage. This collection of dwellings provide the perfect opportunity for redevelopment and the creation of a unique, waterfront boutique resort.

Ideal Opportunity for Investment

The damage to this estate in 2005 caused by Hurricane Emily has created an opportunity for redevelopment. The site is ideal for a select spa/ boutique style resort or collection of residential/ vacation rental villa properties.

Private, Secure, Peaceful Nature Reserve

The estate has a private driveway off the public road, a wide bridle path that winds its way down to the shoreline where there is a perfect coral reef, ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

There are gates at the top of the drive and the grounds are peaceful and bordered to the north by a designated nature reserve. There are 3 gated entrances to the grounds.

Individual Properties are also available for separate purchase

Boathouse, Mooring & Waterfront

On approximately one acre to the north-west of the estate there is a small rustic boathouse, full of character and a mooring useable during the majority of the year. A beach-gate steps straight off the gently rising land onto sand and coral which is excellent for swimming, snorkeling and fishing. The cove is teeming with innumerable fish and abundant sea birds.

The property lies below the traditional insurance zone for Hurricanes - but the island and the Hotel property did undergo damage from Hurricane Emily.

Caribbee House

A unique house on a hilltop with patio pool.Caribbee House boasts a fifty-foot wide open frontage with magnificent 270-degree sea views across uninhabited islands to magical sunsets, it is a spacious, open-plan House: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an en suite Apartment and separate Utility Room, below: the ultimate island hideaway.

A spacious, open-plan residence with outdoor living, outdoor dining, four-poster open bedroom and two bathrooms: one with Jacuzzi.

The ultimate island dream home - floor Space: 3,938 Square Feet.

"A little oasis graced by its distinctive personality." Condé Nast Traveller

Orchid Cottage

Orchid Cottage conveys the timelessness of a bygone Caribbean home. Substantially built in the late sixties as a family home, Orchid Cottage is a two bed cottage set over two separate buildings - a master bedroom and self contained studio. Construction is concrete-block & plaster with ceramic floors throughout, nestled in the gardens of the Prospect Estate private nature preserve overlooking the Sea.

Orchard Cottage requires renovation, but has enormous potential to create the perfect Caribbean get away.

Sparrow Hawk Villa

Sparrow Hawk Villa is ideally located on a wooded hillside. The 3 bedroom family villa comes furnished and has been designed to complement the forested slopes of High North to the rear, and spectacular views across a sparkling Caribbean to the south and southwest – an epitome of peace and quiet.

The present construction requires renovation and covers an area of 2,160 Sq Ft, with its own private driveway off the public lane and private access to the water's edge, sits snugly within a nature preserve.

Perfect as a superior Caribbean escape or manageable rental or retirement home, it possesses an ambiance of serenity and warmth within an exclusive and much sought-after west coast location.

Macaws, Pelicans & Osprey

The owners have lived on the estate for almost 25 years and have worked hard to preserve the surrounding landscape and encouraged the native creatures to thrive: iguanas, land turtles, brown pelicans, osprey, sparrow hawks and many others. The owners introduced Amazonian blue and yellow Macaws (ara ararauna ) onto the island, and a flock of 10 live happily in an aviary. A lone green-winged macaw swoops in and out at sunrise and again before sundown.

"The most beautiful and romantic spot on the island. You will discover an enticing little oasis - ten gloriously romantic rooms, so comfortable and seductive, with canopied beds, sea and sunset views, that chances are you won't want to wander." Barbara Lazear Ascher, The New York Times

"It's the English country house in the tropics. One of the treasures of the Caribbean." Tatler Cunard Travel Guide 1997

Carriacou: Unspoilt & Idyllic

This is one of the least spoilt islands in the Grenadine archipelago, with miles of sugar white sandy beaches and little development but an airport, basic infrastructure and growing tourist economy. Grenada, a close neighbour, is considered to be one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.

"The sweep of Hillsborough Bay and the tiny islands, trailing towards the rolling sun, were every image you could wish to see of the Caribbean. Then came one you couldn't. Two Amazonian macaws swooped by, their tail feathers rippling in the glow, their opinions ricocheting around the hillside. I dropped my bags with a contented sigh."The Sunday Times 1993


Villa Location

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Grenada & Carriacou
Property Buying Information

Grenada is predicted from current indicators to be one of the fastest growing Tourist destinations in the Caribbean over the next few years.

Supporting You through the Process
The sale process can easily be handled remotely from the UK, US or Canada. Most of our previous purchasers have visited the island and then proceeded with the sale remotely, visiting once more after the property has exchanged. Our team are on hand to assist with the purchase process as you go forward.

Alien Land Holders Licence
All foreign nationals wishing to purchase property in Grenada must apply for an Aliens Land Holding Licence, which is generally a simple process handled by the buyers attorney, once the licence has been issued 10% of the purchase price must then be paid to the government. Before the licence is issued the buyer must provide bankers reference letters, character & police references.

Time Scale
It normally takes 2-3 months for legal process and the sale to close.
All can progress smoothly without need for the buyer to be on the island.

Legal Matters
The purchaser appoints a Grenadian attorney to search the register and establish title to the property prior to the completion of sale to ensure that there are no encumbrances, charges, encroachments or other impediments to the sale. We can provide you with a set of recommended Grenadian attorneys upon request.

Guide to Buyers Closing Costs
Legal Fees
Approximately 2% of the purchase price

Stamp Duty
Approximately 1% of the purchase price

Alien Landholders
10% of purchase price

Sellers Legal Fees
Approximately 1% of the purchase price

Property Transfer Tax
5% of the purchase price for nationals and 15% for non nationals

Real Estate Commission
This is normally 5% of the Purchase Price

Property Title
The majority of property in Grenada is owned fee simple, however property in Grenada may also be held on long lease from private individuals, which are normally 99 years or the unexpired term in the case of an assignment of a lease. A purchaser of such a leasehold interest will enjoy all the benefits of an absolute title for the duration of the lease. Lease can be renewed for usually a fairly small fee and the legal process is straightforward - the renewal can be done once the property is purchased.

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