Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres
Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres

Sweet Wind House 4.5 Acres Hope Bay, Bequia, The Grenadines

$1,750,000 USD
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Property Details

Property Details

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 4.5 Acres
  • 158000 Sq Ft
  • Infinity Pool
  • Hope Estate overlooking Bay & ocean to Mustique
  • House, Studio and pool
  • Exceptional peace and privacy
  • Large Coastal Estate with Pool
  • views over to Mustique, Baliceaux & Battowia. }
  • gentle sloping
  • Garden
  • Online Viewing By Request
  • Parking

Sweet Wind House Hope, Bequia St.Vincent & the Grenadines Approx 4.5 Acres  

Sweet Wind comprises of 2 structures discreetly set amongst prime tropical headland amidst beautiful landscaped gardens.

Main Living Space

This is open plan and incorporates a large kitchen, dining area and relaxing living space. This connects to the private master bedroom suite via stone garden steps.

  • Paved with imported Spanish Terracotta tile
  • Finished in local stone
  • High wooden paneled ceiling
  • Wide panoramic views from the windows
  • WC & wash hand basin

Master Bedroom Suite

This discreet master bedroom suite has a private open air bathroom and private courtyard.

  • Antique hardwood four-poster bed
  • Brazilian kiln dried ipe flooring
  • Private seating area
  • Outdoor bathroom with marble floor
  • French porcelain bath with ball and claw feet

Infinity Style Swimming Pool

A stroll through the gardens is a wonderful infinity swimming pool - one of the most dramatic, natural and stylish of infinity pools on the island.

The 20,000 gallon pool is finished in local stone cut from the headland and overlooks the beautiful Hope Bay beneath with uninterrupted views over to Mustique, Baliceaux and Battowia.

Sweet Wind & Panoramic Views

The views to Mustique over Hope Bay beneath and across to the southern Grenadine islands including the uninhabited islands of Baliceaux and Battowia. The gentle trade-winds generate a natural and refreshing ambiance throughout this tranquil woodland estate.

Secluded Location

The indigenous forest sweeping around the property provides a secluded aspect with the idyllic Hope Bay Beach, just a 10-15 minutes walk, beneath.

Vehicle access is via the private Hope Estate Road.

Beach Access

Sweet Wind benefits from quick access to the quiet sands of Hope Beach just below, down a short scenic path nearby.

Local Stone

All the walls are made from stone cut from the Hope Estate and all the rafters, studs, louvres and windows are engineered and fabricated in Brazil from kiln dried ipe.

New York Architect Designed

The house was designed by the renowned international architect Jack Beyer, of New York firm Beyer Blinder Belle. The property stands out upon the island as a magnificent example that manages to combine both natural equatorial materials and building methods with sophisticated international design.

Tropical Gardens with Lush Aromatic Landscaping

The properties are surrounded by landscaped tropical plants, fruits and nuts that perfume the warm trade winds encouraging restful sleep and relaxation.

Mature palms offer shade whilst stretches of renewable hardwood cool decking surround the pool area.

The gardens around the properties manage to naturally combine a series of discrete stairways, mature tropical landscaping and stunning seascapes giving the impression of being amongst the canopy in a rainforest.

Prime Location

Sweet Wind is nestled on the tip of Hope headland, enjoying a stunning location and the privacy akin to that of a private island.

The architect designed space uses the elevated position, high ceilings, wrap around verandas and local tradewinds to naturally air-condition the living and sleeping spaces.

Unique Opportunity

The outdoor antique bath, the moonlit showers, endless uninterrupted views and a fusion of natural renewable materials make this estate a magical development situated upon one of the islands prime areas of headland.

Sweet Wind Location: Hope Bay

Situated on the Eastern side of the island, enjoy the Windward cooling breezes Sweet Wind is a popular rental propertyon the island due to its location, degree of comfort and well equipped interior.

The white crescent sandy beach, 200m in length, is only accessible from the water, along a single semi-paved hillside path through aromatic white cedar and indigenous coconut groves, or via the Hope Estate Pathway. Due to its secluded position the beach remains very quiet and peaceful. The warm turquoise waters feature long lines of breakers from the Atlantic, a natural point break, and offers the location ideal for body surfing and windsurfing. The average sea water temperatures vary from 77F-82F making this virtually private beach ideal for a variety of water sports.

Natural coral reef lies off much of the coastline with Bequias' shores offering monster shoals of fish for scuba divers to enjoy. With several wrecks and shallow caves accessible to advanced divers, the island of Bequia offers a stunning and unspoilt location for lovers of the sea.

Port Elizabeth Harbour

These properties are only a 10 minute drive away from the vibrant harbour of Port Elizabeth where local fishermen blow a conch shell to welcome the return of the catch. This scenic, commercial hub of the island offers a safe anchorage for the many sailing and fishing boats that visit the island. Port Elizabeth thrives on its fishing and boat building traditions.

Alongside the dive shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques Port Elizabeth provides a variety of water sport activities, opportunities to arrange a day sail or longer cruises to the Grenadines, Tobago Cays and Mustique. For keen sailors the excellent Bequia Bookshop in Port Elizabeth offers a wide selection of charts and maps for sale.

The Island of Bequia

Bequia, which means the Island of Clouds, is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt of the 60 islands that make up the 68 mile long archipelago of St.Vincent & the Grenadines. Due to the remote position of the islands and their dependence upon inter-island trade the locals who are proud of their boat building and fishing traditions are eager to share their knowledge and welcome visitors to the island.

Jimmy Buffet lists Bequia as one of his top 5 least spoilt of the Caribbean Islands.

This lush green island characterized by tropical rainforest is surrounded by miles of stunning white sandy beaches. The indigenous woodland offers a variety of flora and fauna including wild orchids, tropical fruit and nuts, hummingbirds and yellow birds making this environment free from commercial noise and alive with natural sounds of the sea, the warming trade winds and local wildlife.

Bequia Climate

Daytime temperatures average between 24C-30C(75F-86F) throughout the year. In the winter a cooler evening might see a low of around 21 C whereas the summer temperatures could reach 32C(90F. The tradewinds bring with them cooling breezes for most of the year whilst the famous christmas winds bring stiffer, steady breezes and lively seas which provide perfect sailing conditions.

The Islands

In 1992 Bequia acquired an airport that can accommodate small aircraft and offers charter flights to and from St.Vincent and Barbados. There are a variety of other stunning islands to visit either via day cruises or speedboat. Mustique and Young Island for example, private islands close to Bequia provide stunning and exclusive locations for dinner. Ferries regularly operate between the islands and speedboat taxis and sailing charters are easy to arrange from Port Elizabeth. The Grenadine archipelago offers a variety of island activities such as day cruises, diving trips and sightseeing trips to the Tobago Cays all easily arranged by the Grenadines Team.


Villa Location

Hope Bay

Above Bequia's remote surf beach this headland faces out to the Atlantic. Broad, green and wooded hillsides with wonderfully cooling breezes and ocean views across the rugged islands of Balliceau, Battowia and south to Mustique. This is the location of choice for established islanders who enjoy the sunrise, elevation, peace and quiet and cool breezes.

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

The entire process can be handled remotely - ie while you are in the UK.

Purchase procedure:

1. Make your offer for your chosen property through us. We present your offer, and work to bring the sale to an agreement with the owner.

2. Appoint a local Lawyer to handle your purchase (list of recommended lawyers can be provided upon request) exchange contact details and discuss the purchase arrangements, as you wish.

3. Sign Agreement of Sale & deposit 10% of purchase price in ESCROW account with the lawyer.

The Agreement of Sale Contract is prepared by the lawyer for approval by both parties, before being finalised and signed by both parties. This is a binding agreement, the only circumstances where you would retrieve the deposit would be if:
- the seller fails to perform (for example if there was not clear title)
- or if your ALHL is not issued (this is extremely rare).

4. Alien Land Holders Licence (ALHL) Application (specific to the property & applied for at the time of agreement of purchase ).

Provide the following details to your local lawyer :
- Date and place of birth
- Copy of passport
- Nationality
- Bank reference (not finances just a letter of reliability)
- Police certificate of clear record (applied for from your local police station or online, in your home country

UK: http://www.acro.police.uk/police_certificates.aspx

The police certificate is usually fairly swift and at least straightforward

The lawyer makes the ALHL application and searches to check clear title on the property

5. ALHL is issued (this usually takes 2 to 3 months).

6. Complete the purchase (you deposit the balance of purchase price and the signed deeds of conveyance are released). At this point the property is yours.

Purchase Costs

Purchase costs are straightforward;
- 5% Stamp Duty
- approximately 6% ALHL
- legal fees
Legal fees are standard and the lawyer you instruct can provide a detailed breakdown of the costs.
We advise allowing 13% to cover the costs.


The lawyer can advise on personal or company ownership;
Company ownership provides automatic exemption from work permit. Residency is a simple formality with property ownership.

Many buyers choose to own their property through a company which can be set up easily, the lawyer can advise on the costs and fees for this.

There is no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax and annual property taxes are negligible. Funds can be repatriated freely.

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