Retreat House
Retreat House
Retreat House
Retreat House
Retreat House
Retreat House
Retreat House
Retreat House
Retreat House
Retreat House

Retreat House Lower Bay, Bequia, The Grenadines

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Property Details

Property Details

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 0 Acres
  • Swimming Pool
  • SOLD
  • Beachfront
  • Views over Beaches, Bays, Yachts
  • Bequia's prime location
  • Elegant Period Charm & History
  • Hilltop

First Hilltop Villa Built on Bequia in the 30's

This was the very first hilltop villa designed and built in the romantic decade of the talkies, Noel Coward and art deco, and the charm of that era exudes from the property.

Mesmerizing Views of Bays, Beaches, Yachts & Port Elizabeth

With the entire island to choose from this villa was positioned to capture the best possible bay and harbour views, as it does.

Pristine Pool overlooking Curvaceous Bays Beneath

Though constructed over 80 years ago the house was lovingly rebuilt, a new wing was added, by the present owner. The pristine infinity pool reflects the high standard of finish, echoed throughout the property and its grounds.

Surrounded by Wide Verandahs & Gazebo

The deep tiled verandahs surround the house offering a dazzling panoramic showcase of views plus ample dining and relaxation space for a houseful of guests, friends and family.

Cool Tiles & Polished Wooden Floors

The supreme position, ceiling fans and air conditioning provide an ambient climate throughout the property enhanced by cool stone tiles in the bathrooms and smooth, polished wooden floors throughout the dining and living areas.

Spa Style & Quality Bathrooms

The bathrooms have been designed to reflect the very best of contemporary spa style fittings and features whilst retaining a period charm that embraces the curve and a glance back to the romance of the 'jazz age'.

Mustique Style with Bequia Charm

Signature wooden floors, high wooden ceilings, immaculate fittings in cool, natural tones all reflect the classic exclusive villas on Mustique whilst the location of this aptly named house changes this again and transforms it into a completely unique property and a wonderful opportunity for the very fortunate final buyer.


Villa Location

Lower Bay

A tiny village on a spectacular beach this is becoming a desirable residential area. Hillside houses and Villas enjoy views of Admiralty Bay and pleasant breezes. There are local restaurants right on the beach so a great place to spend the day, This is the beach of choice for Bequians and there is a wonderful family atmosphere at the weekends. At Easter regatta time there is a buzz of activity with all the local sailing boats launching from the beach.

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Purchasing land in a foreign country can seem like a daunting task. We are here from start to finish of the process, and pride ourselves with a strong relationship with previous buyers, assisting in settling new owners into the island and their property.  We are happy to assist with any part, from the handover, relocating, shipping, staffing, and continuing through our rental program. 

We extend our full concierge services, and regularly handle all arrangements for potential purchasers visiting the islands for viewings - private or scheduled flights, transfers, accommodation, island briefings, tours and property viewings.

We arrange and lead viewings ensuring they are comfortable, relaxed and well timed.  We provided detailed printed material and can photograph aspects of the property which are of particular interest to you, ensuring that all follow up material is focused for you.

From helping you find the right property, assisting in assessment & evaluation, advice on legal processes to
various areas surrounding architecture, design, project management, property maintenance,  management, and rental.

A Few Notes on Procedure & Purchase Costs

General Purchase Procedure:
1.    Prepare your documents for Alien Land Holders License (ALHL)
2.    Appoint a local Lawyer and provide them with your ALHL documentation
3.    Lawyer prepares ALHL application details in readiness.
4.    Find the property you like.
5.    Pre arrange with your bank for placement of a 10% deposit.
6.    Agree to purchase
7.    Sign Agreement of Sale contract and deposit 10% of purchase price in ESCROW account with the lawyer. This is a binding agreement, the only circumstances where you would retrieve the deposit would be if the seller fails to perform (for example if there was not clear title) or if the ALHL is not issued (this is extremely rare).
8.    The lawyer makes the ALHL application and searches to check clear title on the property.
9.    ALHL is issued.
10.    Complete the purchase (your lawyer and the vendor's lawyer provide deeds of conveyance and you deposit the balance of purchase price).
11.    At this point the property is yours.

Alien Land Holders License (ALHL)

If a foreign national you must obtain an Alien Land Holders License from the Government.  This is applied for at the time of agreement of purchase, and on payment of the deposit.  The License is specific to the property and non-transferable.

An Alien Land Holders License is applied for through a local attorney, and the following details are required:

•    Date and place of birth
•    Copy of passport
•    Nationality
•    Bank reference
•    Police certificate of clear record
•    Address, current and for previous 5 years
•    Marital status
•    Occupation

Upon filling the application a fee of $931,306US will need to be paid to the St. Vincent Government, and the application takes approximately 10 to 14 weeks to be processed.

Once granted, the license is officially registered, requiring the following costs:

Value of Property
$37,445US & Below
$37,445US to $1,117,318US
$3,744US +5% of value in excess of $37,445US
Exceeding $1,117,318US
$39,149US + 3% of value in excess of $1,117,318US

There is also an annual charge of $2,500EC for holding the License.

Stamp Duty
Purchaser stamp duty is 5% of the property value and is paid on registration of the title deed.  The property value is determined by the government and is usually a little higher than the purchase price; unfortunately it is not possible to have a valuation prior to sale.

Legal Fees
The St. Vincent & the Grenadines Bar Association regulate the amount Lawyers can charge. Legal Fees for Properties $18,750US and above are:
$576US +1.5% of value in excess of $18,750US.  The Lawyers fee for ALHL application is $465US

Registration Fee
The cost of registering the title deed is $15US for the first $5,586US of sales price + $0.93US per $372US thereafter.

An Overview of Transaction Costs for the Buyer
Alien Land Holders License
4.00% to 10.00%
Legal Fees
1.50% to 2.00%
Registration Fee
Stamp Duty
Total Paid by Buyer
10.75% to 17.25%

(Note all prices stated are rounded & based on the standard exchange rate: $2.68EC = $1.00US.  This is a fixed rate, but may occasionally vary slightly)

Estate Agency Fees
Real estate fees are borne entirely by the vendor - no cost to you for our services which include provision of assistance through to completion - we work closely with architects, lawyers so we can provide recommendations and we provide complimentary office services for clients on island - communications are important to facilitate a successful purchase.

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